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What is Furoshiki?

Centuries ago, before paper or plastic, Japanese merchants used woven fabrics to artfully wrap items. This art of Furoshiki is the basis for the Lisa's Gone Shopping Cross Body Tote Bags. Each bag is created from a whole square of 100% cotton fabric, folded, knotted, fluffed, and presented as a unique alternative to unattractive plastic grocery bags. 


The Classic bag is designed to be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The cross-body style uses the classic style with a hand-knotted strap. The bags are not sewn; Lisa’s Gone Shopping simply finishes the raw edges with a hem to eliminate fraying and to make the bag pleasing to the eye. The strap on the Cross Body style is sewn but is attached to the bag in keeping with Furoshiki styling. Since the bags do not have sewn seams, they are very strong. The bag itself is based on a triangle of fabric, utilizing the strength of the weave "on the bias." Lisa always says "wash, dry, but don't untie!" However, she is happy to re-tie any bag after it is washed, if necessary! Her card with her name, number, and email is included with each creation.

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