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Our Mission: Lisa's Gone Shopping wants to heighten awareness of the value of using our hand-crafted Cross Body Bags as an example of environmental stewardship. We encourage people to make a small change that makes a difference today and for years to come, by eliminating (or at least minimizing) the use of 'free' plastic shopping bags. Instead, carry your purchases in an attractive and useful Lisa's Gone Shopping Cross Body Bag.

​Lisa's Gone Shopping Fans Say...

Tropical Beach

Sandy Zimmerman

"What a beautiful, earth-friendly option! I have used mine for food shopping, taking wine and snacks to an outdoor concert, carrying items for a long car trip, and carrying suntan lotions and books to the pool. It was so easy to carry and even easier to clean. Thank you for the perfect alternative to plastic or semi-reusable(ish) bags!!"

Lori Naugle

"Love my bag to shop, carry gardening tools, whatever! So lightweight, too!"

Christine Polguy Manbeck

"My bag makes life at the lake even better. Works great to take lunch on the boat, and carry groceries from the car to the cottage!"



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